Paolo Brugiolo artist
Paolo Brugiolo


Paolo Brugiolo was born in Padua in 1963. He started painting at a young age, showing immediately his natural propensity for arts and painting.

The artist has been for fifteen years the secretary of national and international competitions, both in painting and graphical fields. He has exhibited his works in many collective exhibitions and solo shows, working with various art galleries. Moreover, he has participated in numerous international competitions and won remarkable awards.

In 1998, Paolo Brugiolo undertook the path of hyperrealism, dedicating exclusively to it and working mainly for the French art market. Some cities where the works of the artist have been exhibited are Paris, Lion, Toulouse, and Hardelot.

Artist’s Themes

Still life
Still life

Silence and astonishment make these paintings an open window over an enchanted world.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Paolo Brugiolo is the master of precision. He works only on linen canvases because their twine is very thin and the result would be more detailed. There is no space for error. Oil colors are laid down on the canvas in different layers and times: a painting takes weeks of meticulous work to be completed.

Detail of Paolo Brugiolo's technique
Technique detail

Selected Exhibitions

Artequadri Galleria d'Arte - Camposampiero, Padova, Italy

ArteItalia Galleria d'Arte - Pescara, Italy

Fluidofiume Art Gallery - Trieste, Italy

Lead Far Ind. Co. Ltd - New Taipei City, Taiwan

Nocchia Galleria d'Arte - Cortona, Arezzo, Italy

Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea OrtArte - Orta San Giulio, Novara, Italy

Arte in Fiera - Longarone, Belluno, Italy

Arte Padova, Mostra di arte moderna e contemporanea - Padova, Italy

Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, France

Pierre Belloni Collection - Geneva, Switzerland

Galleria Bottega d’Arte - Piazza San Marco, Venezia, Italy

Galleria d'Arte Bella - Acireale, Catania, Italy

Galerie d'Art Municipale - Castelsarrasin, Toulouse, France

Art Gallery Dupuis - Hardelot, France

Les Ateliers Guedj - Lyon, France

International Fair for Contemporary Art - Zurich, Switzerland

Museum of Fine Arts - Richmond, Virginia

Boca Raton Museum of Art - Delray Beach, Florida

Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, Illinois

Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University - Waltham, Massachusetts

Portland Art Museum - Portland, Oregon

Scoletta San Zaccaria - Venezia, Italy


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