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Paolo Semenzato


Paolo Semenzato was born in Venice in 1956, the city where he still lives and works. He began painting self-thought, when he was a boy, also winning various prices. Now he is a professional painter. Over time he received great critical consensus and achieved excellent results in many national competitions. He has participated in several shows and his works are permanently exhibited in Palermo, Rome, Padua, Hangzhou (China), Melbourne (Australia) and Beirut (Lebanon).

The artist does not paint with the brush but with the spatula, not at the easel but on the flat. His work is completely permeated by a peculiar stylistic code, that makes his paintings unmistakable at first sight. Observing the paintings by Paolo Semenzato, the viewer does not want to look for clues that could reveal the affiliation to an artistic movement or school, but on the contrary, he would only like to lose himself in the charming abstraction of the compositions.

Semenzato’s inventive language is not the expression of restlessness or inner conflicts. He seeks a synthetic representation of reality, a perspective on the world, far from intellectual sophistry.

Artist’s Themes


By using acrylic colors, that are made material thanks to a special modeling paste mixed to fine sand, Paolo Semenzato gives to his works a granular and irregular effect. This process takes place in vertical sectors, where gold leaf applications produce shining reflections.

Detail of Paolo Semenzato's technique
Technique detail

Selected Exhibitions

Galleria Battifoglio - Palermo, Italy

Galerie Benezit - Paris, France

Moderna Galerija Ljubljana - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fluidofiume Art Gallery - Trieste, Italy

Villa Giusti, Collective exhibition "Artists for peace" - Padova, Italy

National Art Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia

Printz Galerie - Mainz, Germany

Arthema Art Gallery - Chicago, USA

Kaufhaus des Westens - Berlin, Germany

Voice Gallery - Beirut, Lebanon


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